Hymettus undertakes research and is the leading source of advice on the conservation of bees, wasps, ants and other invertebrates in the British Isles
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Formica exsecta

Short-haired Bumblebee Project




Hymettus Ltd is the most recent incarnation of an organisation that was originally established, in 1997, as the Bumblebee Working Group. This later became the Aculeate Conservation Group.

Over the last decade, many BWARS members have played important roles in obtaining the necessary funding and in undertaking research directed by the Bumblebee Working Group and the Aculeate Conservation Group. Most notable amongst this research has been the development of techniques for the practical conservation of bumblebees through the establishment of forage plants in field margins.


The rare cuckoo bee, Nomada armata

Nomada armata
Hymettus have researched and published an information sheet on this rare cuckoo bee.

Photo: Paul Westrich

Colletes halophilus
Hymettus produced an information sheet for this bee which is extremely localised throughout its global range.

Photo: Steven Falk

Hylaeus pectoralis
Hymettus surveyed for a suite of six scarce bees and wasps of wetlands in East Anglia in 2007.

Photo: Steven Falk